Napoleon BUILT-IN 500 SERIES INLINE DUAL RANGE TOP BURNER with Stainless Steel Cover

By Napoleon

Item #: BI500RT MPN: BI12RTPSS
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Create sides and sauces while the main grill is in use with this 12-inch, drop-in, inline Dual Range Burner, in propane, that provides loads of extra space. Instantly ignite these burners single-handed with the JETFIRE™ ignition system. The large, ergonomic control knobs are easy to use and provide precise control over temperatures. Made from marine-grade stainless steel this drop-in side burner matches your custom outdoor kitchen and will last a lifetime. These burners provide stylish longevity and were built for ease of install with an included, seamless trim kit. Ensure that your range side burner is well protected with the included stainless steel cover.

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