Mr. Bar-B-Q Ceramic Briquettes 60 pc

By Mr. Bar B Q

Item #: 8015680 MPN: 06000Y
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The Mr Bar BQ 06000Y ceramic briquettes for gas grills are a must have for any BBQ enthusiast. These briquettes help to improve heat distribution providing a more even cook. Reduce the amount of cold spots on your grill when using these briquettes. They also greatly reduce flare ups, this stops food from suddenly burning when the grill cover catches fire. This is enough to cover most standard and large size grills. Unlike lave rocks, Mr Bar BQ ceramic briquettes are self-cleaning and therefore have a much longer lifespan as compared to their lava rock counter parts.


  • Contains 60 briquettes (enough to cover most large gas grills)
  • Reduces flare ups and improves heat distribution
  • Use in gas grills to replace lava rock for cleaner cooking

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