YETI LoadOut Bucket Lid

By Yeti Coolers

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We looked to the Rambler family lids to help inspire the LoadOut Buck Lid. We wanted it to be transparent, easy to remove, and strong enough to handle the hazards of the wild. The clear construction makes sure you always know what you're working with. The four-finger release tab and DryGlide Gasket mean you're not prying the lid off with a crowbar, your teeth, or any combination of the two - it goes on quick and comes off just as easily. The HeftyHex Construction make for a durable framework that resists cracking, even on extreme hot and cold days with up to 300lbs of pressure. The LoadOut Bucket Lid is the best way to make sure your contents stay in place while you're on the move.


  • Clear tritan Lid
  • Hex support to create a durable substructure that can resist tension and stress
  • Four finger release tab
  • Pressure release valve water tight

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