JMF 3/8" x 3/8" Brass Flare Union

By JMF Company

Item #: 41160 MPN: 41160
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3/8 flare x 3/8 flare union - brass.
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Used to connect two 3/8 inch female flare fittings to each other.Attaches to the end of a #7502 or #7501 Weber® LP hose & regulator (the other end connecting to a 20# LP tank cylinder with a QCC1 attachment).Can also connect two 3/8 inch flare ends of a 10 foot, 12 foot, or other length of natural gas line hose to each other. (To extend that kind of natural gas line hose you really should consider a 3/8x3/8 OD Male Flare to Male Iron Pipe (MIP) adapterDo not use pipe thread tape, putty or dope for flare fittings - it isn't needed.This is a brass piece, so it won't rust.

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