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It is the only grill cleaning tool in the entire bbq world that can reach around and clean all sides of each grill grate, scraping off caked on grease with an easy Push, Turn, and Pull.

Unlike a wire grill brush with dangerous bristles that can rub off and get into your food, the uniquely designed GrillFloss cleaning head wraps around each grill rod, scraping it clean all around. It is truly safer to use than any bbq brush.

GrillFloss is a must-have tool for every grill enthusiast who takes pride in cooking over a clean grilling surface. Go ahead, toss out your old wire brush and GrillFloss today!

  • No other bbq tool like it - Cleans ALL sides of round grill grates without ever lifting the grates
  • Built to last - Stainless steel construction that can take a beating from weather and time
  • Pays for itself - Saving you tons of money wasted on brushes and scour pads
  • Easy to clean - Simply wipe away any grill gunk from cleaning blade

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