Gozney S1 29 in. Liquid Propane Dome Pizza Oven Bone

By Gozney

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Dome S1 is the stream-lined version of the world's most thoughtfully designed outdoor pizza oven. Expertly designed down to the last detail, it works effortlessly for both beginners and chefs, reaching temperatures in the excess of 950 degrees Fahrenheit with the easy-to-use quick-start rolling gas flame, so you can create unforgettable pizza after pizza in 60 seconds. Engineered with the same renowned heat retention and cooking power of Gozney commercial-ovens, you can easily control the high heat with precision so every pizza is how you and your family like it. The easy-to-use power of gas meets unbeatable heat retention for a prime pizza experience.


  • Quick-start Rolling Gas Flame: Gas burner and rolling flame heats to 700F in minutes for clean and easy high-temperature grilling
  • Professional Grade: Designed and built to bring the performance of industry-leading commercial ovens to your backyard
  • Unbeatable Heat Retention: Reach and hold 950F/500C pizza after pizza
  • Award-winning Design: Dome S1 streamlines the performance, ease-of-use, and intuitive features, recognized by cooking experts world-wide, including a Time 100 Best Inventions Award
  • Precision control Digital Temperature Gauge
  • Premium construction, high-temp paint for durability
  • Fits Dome Accessories: Mantel, Neapolitan Arch, Flu Extension
  • Removable Stone Floor
  • Cooks 16" Pizza: Create pizza your way, your style. From Neapolitan to New York to Detroit, Dome S1 helps you get straight to making amazing pizza at home with intuitive features and quick start rolling gas flame.

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