Brumate Hopsulator Slim 12 oz Slim Onyx Leopard BPA Free Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

By Ace Hardware Corporation

Item #: 6044687 MPN: HS12OL
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The BruMate Hopsulator Slim is the world's first triple-insulated, stainless steel can-cooler designed exclusively for 12oz slim cans. Our BevGuard ensures every drop is just as cold as the first with zero condensation while Push-Lock Technology makes inserting and removing your cans a breeze. Works with White Claw, Truly, Michelob Ultra, Corona Light, Red Bull and others. If you can't stand the heat, don't sweat it. The Hopsulator Slim keeps all of your favorite 12oz slim canned beverages icy-cold, no matter how hot the party gets. Our BevGuard technology guarantees your drinks stay ice-cold and refreshing, without the metallic aftertaste other stainless steel products often have. So sip back and relax.


  • Simply push the can inside and let science do the rest
  • When youre finished, pull it out by the tab
  • No-slip base so your drinks stay put - no party fouls here
  • Slides easily into most car cup holders
  • Always cold, always refreshing, no metallic taste, ever
  • Keeps slim cans colder, longer

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