Broilmaster C3PK1 Charcoal Grill Package

By Broilmaster

Item #: 88005281 MPN: C3PK1
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The Broilmaster Charcoal C3PK1 grill boasts a generously sized cast aluminum grill head, ensuring rapid and even heating for consistent cooking temperatures. With a spacious total cooking area of up to 442 square inches and adjustable cooking grids, you have the flexibility to tackle meals of any size.

Featuring twin air intakes on the front panel and a rotary dual-function top vent, this grill offers precise temperature and smoke control, allowing you to adjust from wide open to fully closed as needed. Additionally, its two front-loading doors enable easy addition of charcoal or wood chunks without the need to remove the cooking grids. Experience convenience and versatility with the Broilmaster Charcoal C3PK1 grill.

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