Broilmaster B101369 Briquet Rack for R3B

By Broilmaster

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Fits Broilmaster R3B Gas Grills
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Elevate your grilling game with the Broilmaster B101369 Briquet Rack for R3B grills. Learn how this accessory improves heat distribution and imparts delicious flavor to your grilled dishes.

Upgrade your outdoor cooking setup with the Broilmaster B101369 Briquet Rack designed for R3B grills. Crafted to enhance heat distribution and flavor infusion, this accessory ensures that every meal you grill is cooked to perfection.

Even Heat Distribution

The Broilmaster B101369 Briquet Rack is engineered to provide uniform heat distribution across the grilling surface. By minimizing hot spots and maximizing heat coverage, this accessory ensures consistent cooking results every time you fire up your R3B grill.

Flavorful Grilling

Designed to hold ceramic briquettes, the Broilmaster B101369 Briquet Rack enhances the flavor of your grilled dishes. As the briquettes heat up, they release flavorful smoke, infusing your food with delicious smoky taste and aroma that your family and friends will love.

Durable Construction

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Broilmaster B101369 Briquet Rack is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor grilling. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability, making it a reliable addition to your R3B grill for years to come.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installing the Broilmaster B101369 Briquet Rack is a breeze, requiring no specialized tools or expertise. Simply place it inside your R3B grill, and you're ready to start grilling. Plus, cleaning is easy – just remove the rack and briquettes for quick and hassle-free maintenance.

Specifically Designed for R3B Grills

The Broilmaster B101369 Briquet Rack is tailor-made for R3B grills, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration. Whether you're cooking for a small family dinner or a backyard barbecue, this accessory is designed to elevate your grilling experience.

Elevate Your Grilling Game

Take your grilling skills to the next level with the Broilmaster B101369 Briquet Rack. Whether you're grilling steaks, burgers, chicken, or vegetables, this accessory ensures even heat distribution and flavorful results, allowing you to become the ultimate grill master in your neighborhood.

Briquet Rack for R3B Only - Covers Blue Flame Burner Side.


  • Dimension Front-to-Back: 12 1/4”
  • Dimension Side-to-Side: 13 5/16”
  • Material: porcelain steel

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