Blackstone 5230 Stainless Steel Griddle Tool Set 5 pc

By Blackstone Griddle

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The Blackstone Original 5-piece Griddle Accessory Tool Kit is an essential toolset for any outdoor chef. Each piece of Blackstone's griddle cooking toolkit is a high-quality utensil that will complete your outdoor kitchen. The various tools make it easy to cook anything. Monster size burgers or massive steaks will be easy to create with dual spatulas. Prepare mountains of stir fry or heaps of breakfast with the help of squeeze bottles and a griddle scraper. A chopper/scraper helps dice food or scrape the gunk off the griddle for quick cleanup. Two commercial-grade liquid dispensers enhance your griddle cooking experience or maintain the griddle surface. You will also cook like a professional with the custom Blackstone cookbook filled with our favorite recipes.


  • Scraper and spatulas are made of durable stainless steel
  • Handles are made of plastic spatula handles feature hanging capability
  • Commercial-grade spatulas

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