Alfa Ovens Stainless Steel Smoker Box ACAFF-30X14

By Alfa Pizza Ovens

Item #: 8034963D MPN: ACAFF-30X14
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Since 1977, Alfa has been in the business of creating memories and authentic Italian cuisine with help from a design team that is continuously redefining the concept of luxury wood-fired ovens. With robust construction and premium materials, Alfa places focus not only on a lifestyle, but on performance as well. Alfa Ovens are developed right outside of Rome, ensuring that each and every product oozes Italian influence and tradition. Bring Italy home with help from one the most influential pizza oven manufacturers in the world.


  • Perfect way to provide a layer of smoke to a variety of foods
  • It has an easy opening lid that makes adding more wood chips easy
  • For flavor foods

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