Above Height Series 11 ft. Spectrum Dove Market Umbrella

By Above Height

Item #: 8087441 MPN: AB-H11-K
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Patio umbrellas are a great addition to any backyard, but sometimes needing to constantly crank it open and closed, then worrying about winds makes us hesitant to use it. Above has found the solution, the Height Automatic Umbrella. Using a remote control to open and close the umbrella, simply hit one button and in moments enjoy a relaxing time with you and your family. Thanks to the wind sensor installed in the umbrella, it will automatically begin to close once winds pick up, ensuring the safety of your outdoor umbrella.


  • When the wind sensor is rriggered by high winds the umbrella will automatically close to save your umbrella from potential damages
  • Solar Panel and USB power ports to keep your control board charged and ready to go
  • Motorized Hub - Automatically open and close your umbrella without having to touch any cranks or dirty fabric
  • Control all of your umbrellas using one remote
  • Wind Sensor - Save your umbrella from being blown away and damaged by high winds
  • Whether it's one umbrella or ten, you can open or close them all without having to manually crank the umbrellas open
  • Recharge with the sun

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