5280 Culinary BBQ Provisions Aluminum Heat Plate

By Ace Hardware Corporation

Item #: 8060254 MPN: HEATS - XL
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Heats Food Warming Pads are designed to keep food hot on the go for up to 2 hours. Great for camping, parties, events, tailgating, picnics or potlucks. These food warming pads will keep your food safe serving temperatures without flames, gels or chafers. Simply add water to the pan to activate the Lava Gel and place the food pan on top, it's simple and safe. Made in the USA using only natural minerals, plant-based and non-toxic materials.


  • Holds food warm for up to 2 hours
  • Self heating, no flame
  • Perfect for transporting food and keeping it hot
  • Just add water to activate
  • All-natural
  • Plant and mineral based
  • Works with any full sized foil pan
  • Endorsed and sold by chef jason morse
  • Great for holding food hot without flame or electricity

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