FireStarter Cubes, Weber® 24pk 7417

By Weber

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One box contains 24 cubes.

  • Place 2-3 cubes in the center of the charcoal grate, or if indirect cooking - 2 cubes at each opposite end of the grate.
  • Pile briquets in a pyramid fashion on top the lighter cubes, with corner of cubes showing.
  • You may also place them under a chimney fire starter instead of paper.v
  • Ignite cubes, leaving grill lid off and all vents open.
  • Let charcoal burn until ashed over, before cooking.
  • Spread coals as needed for direct or indirect cooking.
  • May also be used to start wooden log fires.

Weber® packs these 12 boxes per case. See related item SKU number 816418FC for a full case price - you'll save! We cannot ship these to Canada due to postal service prohibitions for Shipments bearing caution labels indicating the contents are flammable. Shipping to other countries may have the same prohibitions.

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