Broilmaster DPP111 Bowtie Burner

By Broilmaster

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Fits P3X & P4X Broilmaster Grills
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Enhance your grilling experience with the Broilmaster DPP111 Bowtie Burner, designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability. Crafted with precision engineering, this burner is a perfect replacement for your existing Broilmaster grill or an upgrade to optimize your cooking.

The Bowtie Burner design ensures even heat distribution across your grill surface, eliminating hot spots and providing consistent cooking results every time. Whether you're searing steaks, grilling vegetables, or slow-cooking meats, this burner delivers the perfect flame for any cooking style.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Broilmaster DPP111 Bowtie Burner is built to withstand the rigors of regular grilling, ensuring long-lasting reliability. Its robust design and corrosion-resistant finish make it suitable for outdoor use in any weather condition.

Installation is quick and straightforward, allowing you to replace your old burner and get back to grilling in no time. Upgrade your Broilmaster grill with the DPP111 Bowtie Burner and experience enhanced performance and versatility for all your outdoor cooking needs.

Introducing the 17-inch stainless steel Broilmaster "Bowtie" burner, tailored to fit seamlessly with "P3X" and "P4X" models. It's imperative to note that this burner is compatible with model years 2011 and newer. With dimensions of 9-1/2" x 17", it boasts a venturi tube drop of 2-7/8" and a venturi tube reach of 6-3/4". Equipped with air adjustment shutters and spider screens on venturi pipe ends, this burner comes complete with gasket, screws, and installation instructions. Minor assembly is required for installation.

This is a Genuine Broilmaster Part

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