Alfa Outdoor Pizza Oven Ciao Yellow

By Alfa Pizza Ovens

Item #: 8033017 MPN: FXCM-LGIA-T-V2
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Light and easy to handle. Large castors designed to conveniently move the oven anywhere (optional accessory). Yellow color. Refractory wood-fired oven, the ideal solution for pizzas, bread, roasts, mixed grills (meat, fish, vegetables), dishes cooked in earthenware vessels, cakes and whatever you wish to bake in a conventional oven ensuring the healthful genuine features only a wood fire can offer. Easy to move, easy to use.


  • The oven has a refractory cooking surface with stainless steel dome
  • It quickly reaches operating temperature
  • Progress of baking can be checked at a glance
  • Assembled Height: 35.9 in.
  • Assembled Depth: 25 in.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Refractory Bricks, Chimney Flue, Chimney Cap and Oven Door

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