Cooking Grate 37" Ranch Kettle (93396 #80645) Enlarge View
Cooking Grate 37" Ranch Kettle (93396 #80645)

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Cooking Grate 37" Ranch Kettle (93396, 80645)

Replacement cooking grate for the Weber® Ranch Kettle. This is a stainless steel grate with hinged sides, at 9:30 and 3:30 in the photo. The hinged sides are so you can add more charcoal or chunks of smoking wood. The kettle is considered a 37 inch grill, but the the cooking grate is only about 36 inches. This is the UPPER grate where you cook the food. It's stainless steel and perhaps that's why it costs so much more than the ranch charcoal grate. 93396 is Weber® #80645. This is a special parts order item from Weber® We do not normally stock them, but if the demand increases we may! We got two from Weber® on 20110720 and will be shipping one of them ASAP. (Weber® doesn't even list them on their site.) (UPS provides the rate for the 48 contiguous states.)