TEC® Sterling Replacement Infra-red Glass (84790 #HW0407)

By TEC Thermal Engineering Corporation

Item #: 84790 MPN: HW0407
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Replacement Infra-red Glass for TEC® Sterling & Sterling FR grills.
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Infrared replacement glass for TEC® Sterling and Sterling FR (flame reduced) grills.Fits Sterling II, III, IV, IIFR, IIIFR and IVFR (all are two, three and four burner) grills, including the G series. One glass panel is used per ccoking zone (AKA burner / control knob). Each glass panel is 16 x 9.5 inches (40.1 x 24.2 cm).If you hold a TEC® infrared glass up to a cool white flourescent light the light looks like a darkening orange sunset. The photos show a RadiantWave™ infrared glass. The lower photo shows it with a 6V lantern battery flashlight behind. (And unfortunately, a reflection of the flourescent light on the ceiling.)This is a special order item and may take several weeks to get it in.84790 is TEC #HW0407. (TEC® Radiant Wave grills use 78939 #HW0411 see related items.)

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