TEC® Patio II Burner Screen (92918 #STBS)

By TEC Thermal Engineering Corporation

Item #: 92918 MPN: STBS
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Covers the burner of a TEC Patio II (and other TECs?) to help keep food that falls through the cooking grid from cracking the burner.
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The burner screen covers the cooking grid of a TEC® Patio II and helps keep any food that falls through the cooking grid from contacting the (ceramic) burner (which may crack it).The screen goes between the burner and the cooking grid.The STCG cooking grid fits the Patio II and older Sterling II, III and IV TEC® grills manufactured without the flame reduced (FR) glass infrared panel, so this burner screen should also fit the older Sterling grills. This is a new item we haven't yet received from TEC® so we can't confirm the dimensions, nor do we have a photo. 92918 is TEC® STBS.It is a special order item and will only be available until TEC® runs out of them.

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