Steven Raichlen pair of Insulated Food Gloves 81855 SR8037

By Steven Raichlen

Item #: A81855 MPN: SR8037
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Steven Raichlen Insulated Food Gloves SR8037
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Use these insulated rubber gloves for pulling (shredding) piping hot pork shoulders, taking beer can chickens off the can, and removing other hot foods from the grill. Steve Raichlen made these gloves lighter and more flexible for greater dexterity, but well insulated to shield your hands from the hot meat. For food handling only. We are sorry to say that we are sold out until we get our order in, some time in March 2010. Even Steve Raichlen's site was sold out on 12/18! If you still want them, please put an order in and we'll ship them as soon as we get them. (First come, first served.)81855 is Raichlen's #SR8037.

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