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Ash Hoe - Raichlen Signature 84336 SR8011 Enlarge View
Ash Hoe - Raichlen Signature 84336 SR8011

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Ash Hoe - Raichlen Signature 84336 SR8011

item# 84336

Steven Raichlen Signature Ash Hoe 84336 SR8011

You use the ash hoe to move hot charcoal or embers in your grill or fireplace to get them where you want them for the kind of cooking you're doing that night. In the photo, Steve Raichlen is moving the coals to opposite ends of the charcoal grate for indirect cooking, often used for ribs, roasts, chickens, turkeys and other foods you roast or smoke for a longer period of time not above the coals. (Definitely for thicker foods you want done in the middle.) For direct cooking you distribute them evenly across the charcoal grate, often for foods done for a shorter period of time like medium rare steaks, burgers and hot dogs. A half-moon might be used to sear a steak or chop on both sides directly above the coals and then move it to the charcoal-less side to cook to medium or well done, while you add the steaks you want medium rare right over the coals and then take them off. Or use the charcoal-less side for peppers and onions. Move the coals to a circle around the perimeter and put a pizza in the center to bake. The blade is 5 by 4 inches and 3/32 inches thick with a 4.5 inch long metal piece at almost 90 degrees to the blade, that screws on the handle piece which is another 29 inches long for an overall 33.5 inches not counting the hanging loop at the end. The wooden handle keeps heat from conducting up to where you're holding it. (The removable handle piece is also used on some of the other Raichlen products.) 84336 is Companion Group's Steven Raichlen line SR8011