Rotisserie Basket, Non-Stick Flat Basket (85098 #24785)

By Broil King

Item #: 85098 MPN: 24785
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Flat Non-Stick Rotisserie Basket #24785
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Made to last, this non-stick basket attaches to the rottisseri. Perfect for fish, ribs, and poultry pieces. Photo shows a zinc plated model that is no longer available. The model we carry is black.Makes rotissing meats convenient without piercing the food. Porcelain enameled steel.The basket's interior dimensions are 13.5 x 7.125 (one eigth) x 1.875 (7 eigths) inches (34.4 x 18 x 4.8 cm) and adjusts to four positions to hold food 1/2 inch to 1.75 inches thick. The unit is overall 16+ inches long.It mounts to your rotisserie spit with two (included) thumbscrews. (Spit not included.)85098 is OMC's GrillPro #24785.This unit replaces the 74631 Barbecue Genius #50514 flat zinc-plated rotisserie basket (shown in photo) which was discontinued.

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