Perky-Pet Wild Bird 3 lb Plastic Silo Bird Feeder 6 ports

By Perky Pet

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With the Perky-Pet Evenseed Silo Feeder, you can satisfy the appetites and preferences of any bird species that visits your backyard! Thanks to the feeder's independent seed compartments, you can serve up to three seed varieties at the same time, it's like having three feeders in one. Use the built-in hanging hook to place the feeder anywhere around your yard for amazing bird-watching views.


  • Three compartment design allows you to serve multiple seed types
  • Six feeding stations with perches allow multiple birds to dine
  • Evenseed technology evenly dispenses seed so ports stay active longer
  • Easily monitor seed levels through the clear plastic seed reservoir
  • Constructed of shatter-resistant plastic for durability

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