Igniter Kit, Rotary, Broilmaster DPP19

By Broilmaster

Item #: A78426 MPN: DPP19
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Rotary Igniter (replacement) kit for older Broilmaster grills #DPP19.
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When your Broilmaster's rotary igniter won't light your grill, you may need a new rotary igniter. The rotary unit is used on older P and D series Broilmasters. (See related items for the newer P, D and T grills' electronic igniter.)It could be a bad or loose wire going from the rotary to the sparking unit, or something else is amiss... or it could mean you need a new igniter.This kit contains all the parts needed to get the spark back into your grill's life. Includes the rotary assembly, wires, collector box and piezo-electric sparking part (similar to a spark plug).78426 is Broilmaster #DPP19 (AKA B070175).

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