Igniter Kit, Electronic, Broilmaster® DPP20

By Broilmaster

Item #: A78425 MPN: DPP20
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Electronic Igniter (replacement) kit for newer Broilmaster grills #DPP20.
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When your Broilmaster's electronic igniter stops going tick-tick-tick-tick when you hold down the button, then it's likely one (or both) of two things: 1) Your battery is dead or too weak, or 2) You need a new igniter (and maybe the battery too). (See related items for the older Broilmaster P & D series rotary igniters.)Battery?? You say? Yes, the electronic igniter uses a battery (likely AA) to make the spark (tick) which fires up your grill's gas. Unscrew the base of the igniter button, counter-clockwise, and it should come off. There is (or should be) a battery in there. Note which way it's pointing (polarity). Remove it and test it (no less than 1.5 volts), or just put in a new one. Reassemble the unit and see if that works. (If not, try putting the battery in the other way.)If that doesn't work, it's possible a wire going from the button to the sparking unit is no longer connected or it's a bad connection, or something else is amiss... or it could mean you need a new igniter.This kit contains all the parts needed to get the spark back into your grill's life. Includes the push-button/electronics assembly, wires, collector box and sparking part (similar to a spark plug).The photo shows, left to right, the collector box assembly with sparker installed (it comes that way), the electronic control (with the spring unfortunately installed backwards in the photo) and the screw-off push button part that screws onto the electronic box where the spring is (the battery goes in here, under the spring).The screw threads on the button part are a little more than 3/4 inch diameter.78425 is BROILMASTER® #DPP20.

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