Hose & Regulator, Broilmaster QCC1/ACME 93608 B069756

By Broilmaster

Item #: 93608 MPN: B069756
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Broilmaster Hose & Regulator, QCC1/ACME, 93608 B069756
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Hose & Regulator for (from what we've been told) all Broilmaster grills.This is a QCC1 screw on to the tank type of fitting. (QCC is quick closing coupler which in the US is 1 5/16-inch ACME threaded.)The regulator reduces the high LP pressure of the tank to a level the grill can use. NEVER HOOK UP AN LP TANK WITHOUT A REGULATOR. Burns and explosions may otherwise occur.We will get a photo when we get one from Broilmaster. Chances are, look on any LP grill and it will look similar.93608 is Broilmaster B069756.Due to demand (lack of) we usually have to place a special order. When we order we get extra. We ship first come, first served, so order now!

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