Caesar Fireplace Diamond King Smoker Box

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This diamondkingsmoker smoker box is an innovative BBQ smoking accessory that will turn any grill into a meat smoker. The diamondkingsmoker is 100% stainless steel and sits right on the grate of your current grill or in your smoker. Using the dks wood chunks and mini-splits that are available in up to 21 different wood species you can smoke like the pro's and be the envy of your neighborhood. No more flare up and uneven heat the dks solves it all. This will enhance the flavor of your meat and make your BBQ a more flavorful and enjoyable event. No reason to have both a BBQ grill and smoker any longer as this innovative takes care of it all. Just remember to use the dks fire starter as it is fail-proof. Simply put one DKS- Sure Fire Starter in the center of the box surround it with DKS Chunks or Mini-Splits. Light the starter; which will only take 3 seconds, place the lid on the smoker box. Close the cover on the grill and enjoy your best BBQ experience ever.


  • No propane or charcoal needed, the smoker box and wood provide all the cooking heat
  • Compact design is portable and easy to store
  • Recommended for rectangular grills with up to four burners
  • Precision cut holes strategically placed for even heat and smoke distribution

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