Flare-Buster Broilmaster® Ceramic Tile Briquets (#DPA116 or #DPA117)

By Broilmaster

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Flare-Buster Ceramic Tiles for BROILMASTER® Size 4 and 3 grills (93393 #DPA116)
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The Flare-Buster Ceramic Tiles replace the DPA34 ceramic briquets or the Flavor Screen.Broilmaster makes two sets, one for the size 3 grill head and one for the size 4 grill (which is smaller than a #3).Each set requires your grill to have the correct briquet rack for your size grill. If your grill originally had a flavor screen or infrared burner you may need to get the briquet rack to hold the tiles. See related items.DPA116 for #3 has 12 tiles, each one about 7 x 3.5 inches and about 3/8 inch thick.DPA117 for #4 - Same basic tiles as for #3, but some along the long side are thinner and some along one short side are cut shorter to fit the smaller area.The tiles lay adjacent to each other on the rack but with slightly different patterns between the two sizes. 93393 is for size 3 heads, Broilmaster #DPA116.93394 is for size 4 heads and is Broilmaster #DPA117.

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