TEC STCG - Patio II, Sterling II & Sterling II Cooking Grate

By TEC Thermal Engineering Corporation

Item #: A76830 MPN: STCG
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TEC® Patio II & pre-FR Sterling II & III Stainless Steel Cooking Grid (76830 #STCG)
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One stainless steel cooking grid for TEC® Patio II and pre-FR Sterling II and III grills.The cooking grid is about 14 5/8 x 12 3/4 inches (37 x 32 cm) and is for one burner, or cooking zone. The longer dimension run front to back. There are 13 slats. These do not fit a Sterling 28. If your grid has 12 slats you may need a 34001G1 grid for Sterling 28.Each burner is commonly identified by a control knob, so if you have three control knobs, your grill has three burners and therefore uses three cooking grids... or just measure each grid and compare with the above dimensions.TEC says that because the older grills have been discontinued these parts are only available while supplies last.If your grill has infrared glass under the cooking grid, you may require a different grid. (If the size fits, wear it.)76830 is TEC #STCG. 

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