Broilmaster® Stainless Steel #4 Retract-a-Rack B060757

By Broilmaster

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BROILMASTER® #4 Stainless Steel Retract-a-Rack
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The Retract-a-Rack moves with the lid away from the cooking surface (grids) so you can load up or remove food without the rack being in the way.Close the lid and it pivots back into place above the cooking grids.This one fits the #4 size BROILMASTER® grill. The one in the photo is shiny, but the one we got from Broilmaster is dull.The rack surface is about 20.5 x 5.5. The pins that fit into the lid's holes are 23 from tip to tip. The rods that fit into the side of the cookbox are 24.5 from tip to tip and a little less than 6 from the tip to the pivot point (at the rack's surface).Stainless Steel.

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