Broil-Mate Broil Mate 2 Burners Liquid Propane Grill Black

By Broil-Mate

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All grills are not created equal. Broil-Mate is designed for unbeatable grilling performance in a small to mid-sized grill. Broil-Mate grills boast even heat distribution and a grilling system designed to give you searing power and great barbecue flavor. Big functionality in a small size grill. If you are looking for performance and value you won't be disappointed. Consumer reviews of this Made in the USA gas grill praise its power, low-temperature control, evenness of heat and the versatility of having a substantial secondary cooking area.

  • Stainless steel burner system
  • Aluminized steel cooking system
  • Sure-Lite ignition system
  • Resin perma-mold side shelves with integrated tool hooks
  • Durable cast aluminum cookbox

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