Briquet Rack, Porcelain Enameled, Broilmaster® 78891/80423

By Broilmaster

Item #: P635
$32.99 - $37.99
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BROILMASTER® Briquet Rack holds Ceramic Char-Master™ Briquets. Size 3 and 4 available.
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These BROILMASTER® briquet racks hold the Char-Master™ ceramic briquets (briquettes) above the burner and below the cooking grid. Briquets (like flavorizer bars and flavor screens) have two main purposes: 1) To vaporize drippings from the food to season the food and2) To help protect the burner from drippings.The rack's bars are .25 inch (6.4mm) porcelain enameled steel. Measure your old rack, or if changing from a flavor screen, measure the screen. If they are both too decayed to measure, measure the ledges that support the screen or rack.Size 3 grill heads (P3, D3, T3, etc.): 23.75 x 14 inches or
Size 4 heads (P4, D4, etc): 20 x 12.5 inches. Size 5, special order only, is part #B070404.80423 Size 4 is BROILMASTER® part #B067449.78891 Size 3 is BROILMASTER® part #B101061.

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