Weber 90457 18" Kettle Ash Catcher Ring

By Weber

Item #: A83731 MPN: 90457
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Fits Weber 18" Premium or One-Touch Kettles
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The ash catcher ring supports the 18.5 inch Weber® kettle's ash bucket/bowl/pot by the bucket's handle projections.The ring is attached to the leg projection slits on the bottom of the kettle's cooking bowl. We do not have older 18.5 inch kettles to see how the ring is attached to the grill. There may only be one way for all years. If your 18.5 grill uses a bar attached to the center shaft of the cleaning system and fits into slots on the ring, than this ring will have to be modified to attach to the legs of your grill, or cut slots in the ring for your bar. (The bars and rings with slots for the bar are no longer available.)See the diagram for a 22.5 grill for that ring (related items). The dimensions and SKUs are just different for the 18.5 ring. Instructions for attaching this 18.5 ring to an older grill with an ash catcher ring bar are the same as attaching to a 22.5 ring. See related items for info on the 22.5 ring.83731 is Weber® #90457.

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