Grill Brush, Weber® 21" T-Brush (847488 #6424) Enlarge View
Grill Brush, Weber® 21" T-Brush (847488 #6424)

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Grill Brush, Weber® 21" T-Brush 6493

This Weber® twenty-one inch (53cm) brush cleans hard to reach spots on cooking grates and in tight spaces at the edges of the cooking grate.
The bristles are long-wearing and will not scratch porcelain enamel.
The lengthy handle allows a short grip to apply more scrubbing power to surfaces and the long end of the grip is useful for cleaning hot grills.
The triangular shape is especially good for getting the close edge of a Weber® kettle charcoal grill cooking grate, which is 1.5" below the edge of the grill's lower bowl.