Valve Regulator Assembly for Weber® Gas Go-Anywhere® 76213 (#752603 #3643) Enlarge View
Valve Regulator Assembly for Weber® Gas Go-Anywhere® 76213 (#752603 #3643)

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Valve Regulator Assembly for Weber® Gas Go-Anywhere® 7505/52603

Weber® Gas Go-Anywhere® Valve and Regulator Assembly Also fits into the burner tube for the older (pre-2005) Weber® Performer® grills with the stainless work area. It does NOT work on the 2010 and later Performers. 65739 The dial/valve has a locking off (it won't turn unless you press it in) and has indications of LOW, MED and HIGH. Includes a 'C' like retainer clip for attaching to the burner tube and the other end (opposite the dial) attaches to a 14.1oz or 16.4oz LP cylinder or to a 20# LP tank adapter (see related items). The piece that fits into the burner tube (the brass fitting on the right) is about 5/8" diameter and it is 7/16" from the end to the brass nut. The brass orifice piece has a male end about 3/8 inch diameter that screws into the grey body of the valve. It likely has a #67 aperture orifice, at least, #67 is what's stamped on the orifice end (orifice is photo-enhanced in the center of the right-side brass piece in the lower photo). Other info on the unit in the photo: All part of the casting: "HOSUN", "R100" "D-0203" "OUT IN" (with an arrow indicating the direction of gas flow), a triangle marking the dial position and "2D-0202". Printed on the unit: "D250", "121108". May be shipped as a part or an accessory depending on availability. 76213 is Weber® part #52603 (it was accessory #3643). The cardboard in the lower photo was just used to prop up the orifice end for the photo.