Conversion orifices, LP to NG or NG to LP Broilmaster® #BCK151 and #BCK152. Enlarge View
Conversion orifices, LP to NG or NG to LP Broilmaster® #BCK151 and #BCK152.

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Conversion orifices, LP to NG or NG to LP Broilmaster® BCK151 and BCK152.

You have a liquid propane (LP tank) fueled Broilmaster® grill, and now you want to hook it up to your house's natural gas (NG) supply? Or, you move and the new house has no NG to power your grill so you need to convert to LP? These are the orifices that make make your grill work with one gas or the other. Liquid propane (LP) burns hotter than natural gas (NG) so when you convert to NG you need to let more NG through to achieve the same heat as LP. The aperatures in the NG orifices are larger diameter than in an LP orifice to let more NG through to the burner. If you don't change them, your grill won't get up to proper cooking temperatures. When you convert from NG to LP you have to put in smaller orifice aperatures. You will also need a hose & regulator to reduce the high pressure of a tank to the pressure the grill can use. The #BCK195 kit in the "Gas supply NG or LP?" options. The kit includes the LP orifices and the hose & regulator. Select from the two kinds NG or LP, the kind you need for the gas you will use. (Save your old ones in case you need to convert back.) The photo shows a pair of BCK151 (to NG) orifices on the left. The threads are on the inside, shown in the left-most orifice. The BCK1008 (to NG) conversion is on the right and is for other grills. The orifices have external threads. See related items for BCK1008.
  • 78738 NG orifices (2) is Broilmaster #BCK151 (AKA B100243).
  • 92490 LP orifices (2) is Broilmaster #BCK152 (AKA B100239).
  • 78841 LP orifices (2) plus hose & regulator #BCK195 (AKA B100240). FYI - Spring 2010, Chicago area: It has been indicated that it is 10 times more expensive to use LP than it is to use NG. The #BCK152 and #BCK195 kit may have to be special ordered from Broilmaster®.