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LP Tank, QCC1-Type (ACME) OPD-Compliant 20# (842605) Enlarge View
LP Tank, QCC1-Type (ACME) OPD-Compliant 20# (842605)

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LP Tank, QCC1-Type (ACME) OPD-Compliant 20# (842605)

item# 842605

20# LP Tank QCC1 (ACME) Type OPD-Compliant

20# LP Tank QCC (ACME) Type (QCC1) OPD-Compliant This tank is the external male thread "screw on" type. It also has the internal left-handed female threads for the older P.O.L connectors. LP is 21,591 BTUs/pound, so a 20# tank should hold 431,820 BTUs, but for safety they're actually filled to 18#, or 388,638 BTUs. You can estimate the cooking time of your tank by dividing 388,638 by your grill's BTU consumption (BTU input) rating: 388,638 BTU’s div. by 10,000 BTU grill = 38.8+ hours 388,638 BTU’s div. by 20,000 BTU grill = 19.4+ hours 388,638 BTU’s div. by 30,000 BTU grill = 13- hours Tanks will last longer at lower heat settings or if fewer burners are on. Note that you can weigh your tank on a bathroom scale and subtract the tank's weight (usually given on the tank) to see how much LP you have in the tank. - QCC is "quick closing coupler" which in the US is 1 5/16-inch ACME threaded. QCC is NOT a quick-connect/quick-disconnect attachment. Those tanks are no longer available and refill stations may no longer fill them because the tanks have gone past their certification date. LP tank exchange places may exchange a QD tank for a full QCC1 tank. If your grill has a quick-connect/disconnect hose and regulator you have options! Replace it with a QCC/QCC1 hose and regulator, or get a quick-connect adapter for a QCC tank. See related items for both. - ACME is not an abbreviation. It's from the Greek and means peak, pinnacle, highest point, ultimate, best of, etc. - OPD is Overfill Protection Device - POL is an abbreviation for Prest-O-Lite, for the company that first produced the left-handed connector that commonly needed a wrench to attach tightly enough to prevent leaks. See more info at